A vehicle’s windows are a critical component. They are not only a functional component of the vehicle, but also an aesthetic component. Auto tinting has a variety of advantages for you, your passengers, and your vehicle. We can confidently state that every vehicle deserves auto tinting for the following reasons:


Auto tinting is applied in the form of a film. This film acts as a glue to keep the small pieces of glass together after they are broken or shattered. This helps protect you and your passengers from injury in the event that your glass breaks.



UV Protection – Auto tinting can prevent up to 99 percent of UV rays from entering your vehicle and causing skin damage.


Protects the Interior – If left unobstructed, UV rays will gradually deteriorate the interior of the vehicle. Auto tinting helps prevent the fading of your dash and cracking of your seats caused by UV exposure.


Privacy – While you will still be able to see out of your car while inside, others on the outside will have a more difficult time peering in. This helps to safeguard your valuables while also providing you with privacy.


Comfort – Especially during the hot summer months, your car will feel more comfortable. Auto tinting helps keep your vehicle cool and annoying sun glare at bay.