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The Different Types of Window Tints for a Commercial Building

Are you considering adding window tint to your commercial building? There are numerous benefits associated with window tinting, including improving energy efficiency, increasing employees’ productivity and comfort, and offering additional safety. If you choose the right commercial glass tint, you can protect the interior décor from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. When it comes to choosing window tint for a commercial building, there are numerous options, including:


Decorative window films
Decorative window films are ideal in offering privacy, improving the design of the building, and control brightness. Decorative films are excellent in adding style and opacity to the interior glass. Here are some examples of decorative films:


Textured/frosted – a textured tint is designed to reflect light, while a frosted tint diffuses light and enhances privacy.

Gradient – these types of tints are used to hide unattractive spaces or areas where privacy is crucial.

Colored tint – you can use colored tint to make your commercial building appealing. You can use a bold hue or an opaque color, depending on your preference and budget.

Patterns – you can choose window tints with geographical patterns. There are numerous options to choose from, for example, polka dots and pinstripes.


Reflective films
Reflective films help you control the amount of sun in your space. On the outside, reflective films have a shiny, mirrored appearance making commercial buildings have a classy look. If you are looking for reflective window films, consider seeking help from a professional to avoid making a mistake.


Neutral films
Although some business owners want to install window films, minimizing the impact window tints have on the indoor lighting is essential. Neutral films do not have a massive impact on indoor lighting. However, these films block the UV rays without changing the interior look.


Deluxe films
Deluxe films are ideal if you are looking to block the summer heat and reduce glare. The films are non-reflective (on the inside and outside), thus offering much-needed comfort.


Safety & security films
You can make your commercial building safer and more secure using window tints. Using safety and security films, it is harder to break into a building. These films make it hard for would-be criminals to break. They can be installed on windows and doors to make the building more secure.


Energy-efficient films
To reduce carbon footprint and utility bills, installing energy efficient films is the best option. Nowadays, most businesses are ‘going-green,’ making energy-efficient films more popular. The films block the heat coming into the building during the summer season while locking the heat inside during colder months.


Benefits of Installing Window Films
Installing window tint in your commercial building offers numerous benefits such as:


Aesthetics – decorative window films improve how your commercial building looks.

Comfort – window tint can make your commercial building up to 60% cooler in the summer. The building will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It is essential to note that window film reduces glare from sunlight, thus cutting reducing eye strain.


UV protection – window films block 99% of the UV light, thus protecting the furnishings, upholstery, and paintings from discoloration and fading.


Privacy – depending on the window film you choose; you can increase privacy in your office.

Safety – window films hold the glass together in case of breakage or attempted breakage.

Energy savings – you can reduce energy costs by keeping the commercial building warm during winter and cooler during summer seasons.



Choosing the best window tint for a building is challenging, especially for first-timers. However, thorough research and getting advice from professionals can come in handy.

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