How Commercial Building Windows Affect Energy Efficiency
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How Commercial Building Windows Affect Energy Efficiency

The windows in commercial buildings can be utilized for a variety of purposes. These include allowing light inside, offering views and contributing to the general outlook of a building. A building’s windows also determine how energy efficient the building can be. Energy-efficient is both environmentally friendly and cost-saving on the money owners spend on utility bills. Many potential tenants find green buildings appealing, making it easy to lease them and generate revenues. The Elizabeth Tint Shop in Woodbridge, NJ, specializes in all types of energy-efficient windows that you can install on your building.

Types of windows for commercial windows


The glass and frames of a window are the two main components that determine the energy efficiency of commercial building windows. In the modern world, the windows to commercial facilities are mainly installed with tempered glass. This special glass tends to shatter into little and harmless pieces when broken compared to sharp and jagged pieces of normal glass. To make a building energy efficient, the windows need to be designed in a double or triple pane, translating to two or three glass panels per frame.

Commercial types of commercial window framing

  1. Vinyl

These are the most used types of windows in commercial facilities. Vinyl windows are highly durable, affordable and offer good energy use, making them a top choice. Unfortunately, they allow for little space between the glass and frame due to being reasonably chunk.


  1. Fibreglass

This is another popular choice for commercial facilities’ windows because of their durability and energy efficiency. Its strength and resilience are much higher than that of vinyl, while the fibreglass frames are designed with a low profile, allowing more room for the glass. As much as these windows are quite expensive, they are a worthy investment.



  1. Wood

Wood-framed windows are quite expensive in comparison to the two above. Fortunately, the energy efficiency of wood is much higher than any other material. In addition, wood-framed windows offer any building vintage and exquisite look that no new materials can.


  1. Aluminium

This is another good option for commercial window frames. Known for its strength, aluminium is ideal for large windows since it can handle more weight. The disadvantage with aluminium is that its energy efficiency is low and requires regular maintenance than the others.


  1. Aluminium-clad

Aluminium-clad windows offer both strength and good energy efficiency. These kinds of windows contain aluminium on the outside and wood inside. The window frames are also more insulated than those with aluminium only, which increases their energy efficiency. The aluminium cladding protects the wood on these windows, making them more durable.

How to enhance the energy efficiency of windows on commercial buildings


Buildings that were designed many years ago tend to be less energy efficient. It is usually very expensive to replace these windows with energy-efficient ones. The process also causes a lot of disruption to people using the building. Luckily, there is an option for improving the existing windows to be more energy efficient.

The low-emissivity window film offers a viable solution to enhance your windows’ energy efficiency. This unique pliable coating is installed directly to the current windows’ glass surface to create an additional layer of illusion to the glass. This film reflects heat inside during the cold weather while it keeps cool air inside during the warm weather. This helps reduce the amount you need to run your HVAC system. The environmental friendliness and comfort of your building are improved while remaining cost-effective at the same time.

Advantages of the low-emissivity window film


  1. Easy and simple to install
  2. It can easily be used on the current glass surface of your building
  3. Inhibits harmful UV rays
  4. Enhances energy saving in any weather
  5. Limits the use of HVAC systems
  6. It doesn’t alter the look of your glass
  7. Minimizes the glare



Windows in commercial buildings play a huge role apart from allowing light and offering views. Therefore, homeowners should never undermine the importance of windows to a building. For help in improving your window’s energy efficiency, be sure to contact Elizabeth Tint Shop through the number (908) 768-2331.

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