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Car Window Tinting at Elizabeth Tint Shop



If you are searching for effective and efficacious window tinting services, look no further because Elizabeth Tint shop is second to none. In retrospect to this, the tinting of car windows has become quite beneficial to car users in various ways.

There are many types of car window tinting, and each offers its specific merits to the users. Some include the hybrid window tint, metalized window tint, dyed window tint, and the crystallized window tint.



Before any form of purchase, one should disclose the relevant preferences and needs regarding the choice of tint. Customers are urged to seek more information and advice which would aid them in picking the most suitable and reliable window tint. They all have different features and characteristics and are chosen depending on the user’s taste. The aspects to consider are whether the tint can block UV rays, reduce the sun’s general heat, and protect the skin from harm. Furthermore, some users may prefer a tint that improves the car’s appearance through the darkening of the windows.

The degree of darkness


Most customers highly prefer dark windows and even go to the extent of using an extremely dark tint. The level of darkness depends on where an individual leaves merely because each state has specific laws on window tinting. One is expected to do the necessary research to know the lowest VLT% (Visible light Transmission) accepted by the state. One should note that the lower VLT%, the darker the film. For instance, in Illinois, the laws on the level of tint are pretty different. The front, back, and rear side windows are expected to have at least a 35% VLT. When it comes to the windshield, the application of tint should only be to the top 6 inches of the window. There are legal repercussions that one could face if the shade is darker than the allowed level.


The cost of car window tinting is highly dependent on various factors. The location and size of the car play a key role in determining the prices charged. Subsequently, the type of window tint is inevitably another factor that is usually considered in determining the cost. The relative prices are, however, 100$ to 200$ for the entire car windows. For large vehicles and tint of high quality, the prices charged are roughly 100$ to 500$. The prices are not expected to fluctuate and go higher than this.

DIY Window tinting

One can install tint on his or her own depending on whether he or she has the right tools and vast experience in the field. In case of a lack of enough supplies, one can even purchase the relevant tinting kits and get the job effectively done.

DIY is, however, not advised because the work done may not be of high quality as expected. This is because the application of tint is not as easy as it seems. Some minute mistakes may ripple the film, which will hinder the vision needed in driving. Moreover, DIY is not as durable as professional tinting, so people are always advised to seek professional services. This will ensure one does not get rid of the tint and start all over again.

Relevance of car window tinting

There are a plethora of benefits associated with the tinting of car windows. They include

Protection from UV Rays- The sun’s UV rays has adverse effects on health complications. The tinting on windows protects against harm that could be done to the skin.

Keeps the heat out -The extra barrier created by window tints reduces the intensity of heat from the sun.

Safety- The window tint holds the windows together, which alternately protects one from shattered glass in case of accidents.

Enhances privacy because people cannot see through your windows.


The relevance of window tinting is crystal clear. It would be best if you got your car tinted as soon as possible. A more preeminent place to get the service is Elizabeth Tint Shop. One can call the business using the line (908) 768-2331. The address is Woodbridge, NJ, US. If in need of impeccable window tints, this is the place to visit.

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