There are numerous reasons to consider commercial window film. Window film not only improves energy efficiency, but also has several other benefits. Learn why installing window films for offices is a worthwhile investment for your company.

Office Window Film Benefits

Here are some reasons to consider window film for your office:

  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Raise Efficacy & Image
  • Better Privacy & Safety
  • Comfortable for Occupants
  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Did you know that windows account for 30% of estimated cooling costs? In the summer, heat from the sun penetrates the glass, raising indoor temperatures. Summer heat gain can be reduced by nearly 80% with window film. With the energy savings, office window film can pay for itself in as little as three years. Not to mention, some energy and utility companies reward window film installation.

Blocks UV Rays

While windows do reflect some UV rays, they do not block them all. UV rays can be blocked by window film on office windows, doors, and exterior glass surfaces. UV rays not only cause skin cancer but also cause furniture, textiles, flooring, and other valuables to fade. Window film can help protect your occupants and furnishings from fading and UV rays.

Raise Efficacy & Image

Transparent glass is sleek and modern. But too much clear glass can become boring. Decorative window film can add texture and dimension to your space. Films can mimic etched glass, geometric patterns, or add color. The options are endless! You can even use decorative films to brand your glass surfaces.

Better Privacy & Safety

Window film can also improve privacy and add security to your building. You can improve office privacy by adding frosted or opaque window film. It adds privacy to a glass conference room, individual cubicles, or offices. Security films protect glass surfaces from threats like forced entry and natural disasters. The film’s durable adhesive technology holds the glass fragments together, preventing intruders from entering and occupants from being injured by flying shards.

Comfortable for Occupants

A lot of windows in an office can cause glare. During the day, a light may shine on your screen, making it difficult to read. Glare can cause eye strain and headaches. Darker window films can reduce glare without obstructing views. This improves occupant comfort and working conditions.

Invest in Office Window Film

Are you ready to benefit from window film? With a three-year ROI and a host of other benefits, installing window film in your commercial building is a no-brainer. Request a free consultation with one of our window film experts.